This heading is subdivided by region into: Rus and Russian Art -- Hungarian Art -- Serbian Art -- Ukrainian Art -- Other Art

Rus and Russian Art (See also Ukrainian Art)

Alpatov, M. V. Art Treasures of Russia. New York: Henry A. Abrams, Inc. [MSR]
The very best examples of period ecclesiastical art and architecture of the Russian Orthodox Church throughout European Russia. Abundant close up color photographs and commentary of period artifacts.

___________. Freski tserkvi Uspeniia na Volotovo [Frescos of the Church of the Assumption at Volotovo Polye]. Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1977.[MSR]
Excellent study of ecclesiastical frescos of 14th century Novgorod circa 1380 during the last years of its "Golden Age." Unique Russian explanation of key stories in the Bible provides an ethnographic view of Russian Orthodox belief in period.

___________. Treasures of Russian Art in the 11th-16th Centuries. Leningrad: Aurora Art Publishers. [MSR, PWT]
One of the top three icon books for color photographs of frescos, embroidery, icons, and detailed explanation from a Russian perspectiveby the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts, USSR.

Bowater, Marina. Decorative Art of Russia. New York: Crown Publishers,1990. [EM]
Contains mostly manuscript illuminations, but also some objects.

Croomler, David. Icon Handbook: A Guide to Understanding Icons and Liturgy, Symbols and Practices of the Russian Orthodox Church. Springfield IL: Templegate Publishers, 1995.

Cross, Samuel Hazzard. Mediaeval Russian Churches. ??: Medieval Academy of America, 1949. [AY]
A study of the development of Russian church architecture beginning with St. Elias in Kiev (10th century) through the Ukrainian Baroqueera (1650s). 113 illustrations.

Daikova, O. V. Rannesrednevekovia kermika Dalnego Vostoka SSSR kakistoricheskii VI-X v [Antiquities and Pottery of the Soviet Far East, 6th-10th Centuries]. Moscow: Nauka, 1984. [MSR]

Gates of Mystery: The Art of Holy Russia. Edited by Roderick Grierson. Fort Worth TX: Intercultura, n.d. [PWT]
Museum catalog featuring religious artifacts from Saint Petersburg, mostly icons. However, it also has nice written pieces on art, history, and textiles. Gorgeous pictures with good embroidery details.

Gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii muzei. Russian Icons, 14th-16th Centuries.Moscow, 1988.

Gurevich, Frida Davydovna. Voslohnoe steklo v Drevnei Rusi [Ancient Russian Glassware]. Leningrad: Nauka, 1968. [MSR]

Hamilton, George. The Art and Architecture of Russia, Third Edition.New York, 1983.

Hilton, Alison. Russian Folk Art. Bloomington IN: Indiana University Press, 1995. [PAN]
Very well documented survey of Russian folk art, dividedd into four sections: its context in peasant life, materials and methods, meaning of the designs, and the preservation and revival of these forms.

Iamshchivkov, Savelli Vasilevich. Pskov: Art Treasures and Architectural Monuments, 12th-17th Centuries. Leningrad: Aurora Art Publishers,1978. [MSR]

Kalokyres, Konstantinos D. The Essence of Orthodox Iconography. Trans by Peter Chamberas. Brookline MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1985.

Kolchin, Boris Aleksandrovich. Wooden Artifacts from Medieval Novgorod. Oxford: B. A. R., 1989. [MSR]

Kostova, A. S. Kultura drevnei Rusi VI-XI vekov [Culture of Ancient Rus: VI-XI Centuries]. Leningrad: Sovetskii khudozhnik, 1968. [MSR]
Art of the Kievan Rus, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

Lifshits, L. I. Monumentalnaia zhivopis Novgoroda XIV-XV v [Mural Paintings of Novgorod, 14th-15th Centuries]. Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1987. [MSR]
Museum catalog featuring religious artifacts from Saint Petersburg, mostly icons. However, it also has nice written pieces on art, history, and textiles. Gorgeous pictures with good embroidery details.

Makarovskaya, Galina, et al. Museum of History and Art: Zagorssk.Leningrad: Aurora Art Publishers, 1980. [SEO]

Maxym, Lucy. Russian Lacquer, Legends and Fairy Tales. Hicksville NY: Siamese Imports, Inc, 1981. Two volumes. [EM, KN]
Beautiful color plates of lacquer boxes illustrating thestories.

Medieval Russian Ornament. New York: Dover Books, 1994. [EM,OKB, MSR]
Illumination from manuscripts housed in the Kremlin.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin: From the Lands of the Scythians.Edited by Katherine Stoddert. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1975.

Metcalf, D. M. Coinage in South-Eastern Europe 820-1396. London: Royal Numismatic Society, 1979. [MSR]
Fascinating study of coinage in the area. Well-written and illustrated. Reprint of 1966 publication by Institute for Balkan Studies.

Mystetstvo Kyivskoi Rusi. Kiev: Mystetsvo, 1989. [MSR]
Belarus and Ukrainian church art.

Opolovnikov, A. V. Russkoe dereviannoe zodchestvo. Moscow: Iskusstvo,1986. [MSR]
Medieval stave churches and woodcarving.

Popova, Olga. Russian Illuminated Manuscripts. Leningrad: Aurora Art Publishers, 1984. [MSR]

Molotova, L. N. Folk Art of the Russian Federation. Leningrad: Khudozhnik, 1981. [SEO]

Russian Art: Icons and Decorative Arts from the Origin to the 20th Century. Baltimore: Walters Art Gallery, 1959.

Russian Icons From the 12th - 15th Century. New York: Mentor-UNESCO,1962.
UNESCO exhibit, with an introduction by Victor Lasaneff.

Smirnova, E. S. Litsevye rukopisi Velikogo Novgoroda XV v. Moscow: Nauka, 1994. [MSR]
Novgorod book and manuscript illumination.

The State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1979. [EM]
Exhibit catalog of miscelaneous items. Contains some textiles.

Svirin, A.N. Early Russian Jewelry Work in the XI-XVII Centuries.Moscow, 1972. [EM]
Huge color photos with labels in English, Russian, French, and German, but text only in Russian.

Torchinskaya, Olga. Jewelry from the Museum of Ethnography of the Peoples of the USSR. Leningrad: Aurora Art Publishers, 1988. [SEO]

Treasures of the Czars. London: Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1995.[EM]
Exhibit catalog with beautiful photos and accompanying text.

Treasures of the Medieval Rus. ???, 1974. [AY]
This is a gorgeous book with loads of period materials on everything from architecture to clothing to accessories. Most notes are in English as well, but the indicia are all in Russian.

Trubetskoi, E. N. Icons: Theology in Color. St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1973. [MSR]
Nice color pictures and synopsis on religious influences behind displayed icons.

Voyce, Arthur. The Art and Architecture of Medieval Russia. Norman OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1967. [EM]
Culture and history by city and period.

Weitzmann, Kurt, et al. The Icon. New York: Alfred A. Knopf,1982. [SEO]

Zaczek, Iain. The Art of the Icon. London: Studio Editions, 1994.[EM]
Small, but beautiful color photos.

Hungarian Art

Buzasi, Eniko. The Hungarian National Museum: The Old Collection. Translated by Elizabeth Hoch. Budapest: Corvina Kiado, 1984. [KA]
Catalog of collection of Hungarian Medieval and Renaissanceart.

Csapodi, Csaba. Bibliotheca Corviniana. Budapest: Magyar Helikon,1976. [KA]
Facsimiles of manuscript pages and book covers from library of Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary from 1462-1490. A gold mine for calligraphers, inkers, and heralds.

Fulep, Ferenc. Museums in Budapest, Second Edition. Budapest: Corvina, Kiado, 1989.[KA]
Contains short descriptions of Budapest museums.

Kovacs, Eva. The Hungarian Crown and Other Regalia, Second Edition. Budapest: Corvina Kiado, 1980. [KA]

Kriszt, Gyorgy. Kozepkori Templomaink. Budapest: Hungarian News Agency (MTI), 1990. [KA]
Preface and many photographs of Hungary's churches.

Laszlovsky, Joszef. A Magyar Cimer Tortenete. Budapest: Pytheus, 1990. [KA]
Photographs of seals of numerous Hungarian kings, coats of arms from 1320, 1574, 1602, and 1631.

Liban, Felicia. Cloisonne Enameling and Jewelry Making. New York: Dover Books, 1989. [KA]
Abridged and corrected version of Cloisonne: The Art of Cloisonne Enameling and Jewelry Making(1980).

Marosi, Erno, and Andras Vegh. Gothic Sculptures from the Royal Palace of Buda. Budapest: Budapest Historical Museum, 1988? [KA]
Catalog of 15th century sculpture fragments found near the palace.

Racz, Endre. Rannonhalma. Budapest: Corvina Kiado, n.d. [KA]
Picture book concerning Benedictine monastery founded in 996.

Szaraz, Gyorgy. Buda Castle. Budapest: Corvina Kiado, 1990. [KA]

Temesvari, Ferenc. Arms and Armour: The Treasures of the Hungarian National Museum. Budapest: Helikon, 1992. [KA]

Zolnay, Laszlo. Royal Palace and Gothic Statues of Medieval Buda. Budapest: Budapesti Torteneti Muzeum, 1990. [KA]

Serbian Art

Boskovic, Durde. Medieval Art in Serbia and Macedonia. Belgrade: Jugoslovenska Knjiga, 1936. [MSR]
116 pages of illustrations of ecclesiastical scuplture and art,

Maksimovic, Jovanka. Srpske sredjovekovne minijature. Belgrade: Prosveta, 1983. [MSR]
Serbian book and manuscript illumination.

____________. Srpske sredjovekovne skulptura. Novi Sad: Matica srpska, 1971. [MSR]
Serbian medieval sculpture.

Mandic, Svetislav. Potreti na freskama. Belgrade, 1966. [MSR]
Medieval Serbian portraits.

Panic, Drega. Bogorodica Ljeviska. Belgrade: Srpska knjzevna zadruga, 1975. [MSR]
Mural painting and decoration (Serbian and Byzantine) with summary of illustrations in English.

Radovanovic, Janko. Ikonografska istrazivanja srpskog slikarstva XIII i XIV veka [History of Ancient Iconography in the 13th to 14th Centuries]. Belgrade: Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, 1988. [MSR]
Serbian murals, decorations, book and manuscript illustration.

Rajkovic, Mila. Kraljeva crkva u Studenici [King's Church in Studenica]. Belgrade, 1964. [MSR]

Srednjovekovne freske u Srbji... [Medieval Frescos from Medieval Serbia, Montenegro, etc]. Belgrade: Galerija freska u Belgradu, 1984. [MSR]
Exposition of medieval paintings held in Belgrade by the Belgrade Gallery of Frescos. In English.

Studenica i vizantyska umetnost oko 1200. Belgrade: Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, 1988. [MSR]
252 pages of murals from medieval Serbia's capital, with English subtitles.

Ukrainian Art (See also Rus and Russian Art)

Ference, Cecilia. Making Ukrainian Pysanky. Self-Published, 1972/1975. [KCh]

Haupt-Battaglia, Heidi. Painted Eggs. Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Search Press, 1984/1991. [KCh]
Originally published by Verlag Paul Haupt in German under the title Ostereier. Very good introduction on how to make painted eggs of various techniques, including the Ukrainian/batik egg. Has some history but not much.

Kmit, Anne, Loretta L Luciow, Johanna Luciow, and Luba Perchyshyn. Ukrainian Easter Eggs: And How We Make Them. Minneapolis: Ukrainian Gift Shop, 1979. [KCh]
Very good instruction, lots of color photos, history of eggs and traditional symbols, bibliography.

Luciow, Johanna, Ann Kmit, and Loretta Luciow. Eggs Beautiful: How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Minneapolis: Ukrainian Gift Shop, 1975. [KCh]
History, designs, instruction, and some photos of finished eggs.

Manroe, Candace Ord. Decorative Eggs. New York: Michael Friedman Publishing, 1992. [KCh]
A good history of decorative eggs from around the world of many different types. Lots of color plates, but not really any instruction on how to make them.

Surmach, Yaroslava. Ukrainian Easter Eggs. New York: Surma, 1989. [KCh]

Tkachuk, Mary, Marie Kischchuk, and Alice Nicholaichuk. Pysanka: Icon of the Universe. Saskatoon: Ukrainian Museum, 1977. [KCh]

Wolynetz, Lubow. Ukranian Folk Art. New York: The Ukranian Museum, 1984. [EM, SEO]
Exhibit catalog.

_____________. Ukranian Folk Art - New Acquisitions. New York: The Ukranian Museum, 1990. [EM]
Exhibit catalog.

Other Art

Amman, Jost. Pictorial Archive of Decorative Renaissance Woodcuts, Second Edition. New York: Dover Books, 1985. [KA, MSR]
293 illustrations originally published as Kunstbuchlein in 1599.

Atakishieva, M. I.; M. A. Jebrailova; and V. M. Islamova. Azerbaijan Embroidery. Azerbaijan History Museum, 1970. [EM]
Brief history, color and B&W photos of embroidered items (14th-20th centuries) in the Museum.

Azimov, I. Decorative Art of Uzbekistan. Tashkent: Gafur Gulyam Literature and Art Publishing House, 1987. [EM]
Color photos of painted ceilings and decorative items with history of the arts and explanations of the designs.

Dragut, Vasile and Petre Lupan. Moldavian Murals: From the 15th to the 16th Century. Bucharest: Meridiane Publishing House, 1982.

The Glory of Byzantium, Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, AD 843-1261.Edited by Helen C Evans and William D Wixon. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art,1997. [PAN, IMR]
This book was written to accompany the exhibition "The Glory of Byzantium" which was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1997. The exhibition included works from neighboring cultures within the Byzantine sphere of influence, and the book has chapters on Kievan Rus', the Bulgarians, the Georgians, and the Armenians. The majority of the pictures are in color and the accompanying text is incredibly detailed.

Moravska skala i njeno doba. Belgrade, 1972. [MSR]
84 pages of illustrations of Moravian medieval art.

Muthesius, S. Art, Architecture, and Design in Poland. 966-1940.[KS]

Nersessian, V. Armenian Illuminated Gospel Books. London: The British Library, 1987. [KR]

Nickel, Heinrich L. Medieval Architecture in Eastern Europe. New York: Holmes & Meier Publishers, 1981. [EM]
Floor plans, color and B&W photos, and histories.

Nicolescu, Corina and Ion Miclea. Arbore: Historiches und kunstdenkmal. Bucharest: Editura Sport-Turism, 1977. [MSR]
Great close-up color pictures of the murals on the outside of the church at Arbore, circa 1520s.

Rumanian Art Treasures: 15th to 18th Centuries. Edinburgh: Royal Scottish Museum, 1966.
Museum catalog.

Vasnetscu, Virgil. Wall Paintings in Northern Moldavia. Bucharest: Meridian Publishing, 1974. [MSR]

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