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Slavic Interest Group Mailing List

An on-line discussion group is now available to subscribe to (digests also available). Follow the link above to learn more details about this exciting new resource.

Member Photo Gallery

Meet the members of SIG. Read their persona stories, see a few photos and learn their interests.

Member Connections

Ilyana Barsova (Jennifer Miller)
Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky (John Beebe)
Kazimierz Dimidowicz Dziecielowski (Matt Szymanski)
Paul Wickenden of Thanet (Paul Goldschmidt)
Walraven van Nijmegen (Brian R. Speer)
Yelizaveta Medvedeva (Elizabeth Lear)

Other Sites of Interest

History of Costume Pages: Taken from a Victorian costume book (which means that it is of questionable accuracy), most of these pictures are OOP but they are fun to look at. Be aware that the images are LARGE.

Jews in Poland and Lithuania
Part of a larger exhibit on Judaica in the Slavic world.
The Life of St Aleksandr Nevskii: A Sixteenth Century Account of a Russian Hero
Lithuanian Cultural Heritage
Markovi Kale Archaeological Dig Site
Old Russian Miniatures

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